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i love the image of the church as midwife... makes me think of the brave midwives Shiphrah and Puah, of women who have helped birth so many people and ideas into the world, or the awesome new bbc show call the midwife, of empowering people to do more than accept the status quo... i like it!

AAndrew Taylor-Troutman

Thanks Noell - those are some fascinating connections that you raise. I suppose some might push back on the image but I think that a midwife comparison to the church is fitting, especially when we think of creation as a woman groaning on labor. At any rate, I appreciate you for thinking this through with me!

Byron Wade

Congrats to you and the wife on the new addition to the family! Born on November 25th already. Wow! - a whole month into the future. ;-)

AAndrew Taylor-Troutman

Thanks Byron for the congratulations and for the date correction. Obviously I have not been getting my usual amount of sleep :)

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