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Howie Leonhard

Pastor Noe

I am overwhelmed with happiness of the thought that you would blog our "Love Story". I am so appreciative that Marie's story gets out for others to read and appreciate. I miss Marie every moment of the day. Thank you for supporting me through my loss of my beloved Marie. Your buddy, Howie

Ross Taylor

Such a beautiful, honest love story. It's better than a Hollywood script. Thanks for sharing this again. We love and miss Marie dearly. You two were made for each other. Howie, you're on our minds and we love ya.

Ross and family

Karen May

Hello Pastor Noe,

When Dad met Marie at their class reunion. He was so giddy when he talked of her. When he went down to Florida to get acquainted with Marie after the class reunion. I kinda of knew he had a lot of love for this lady Marie. And I had worries of him leaving Pa and moving to FL. But,once we met this smiling beautiful lady, my worries were over. I knew they were meant for each other and that they would take very good care of each other. You could see it in the both of them, the love they had for each other. I too miss Marie so much. She became our family too. Dad had to share Marie with us. This story I tell to alot of people when I talk of my Dad and Marie,almost every time there were tears of joy. Marie will always be in the hearts of this Leonhard family.

Noe Juarez

It is a wonderful love story; Perhaps a producer will make a movie about it. Merry Christmas!

Lucy Walters

Thanks for a wonderful love story. I know it to be true as Marie was a great friend of mine. When I met Howie I knew they were meant for each other. Truly a match made from Heaven. They made each other so happy.
I really miss Marie. Also thanks Howie for the beautiful Christmas card.
Lucy Walters

Rose Constantini

Everytime I hear this story I am moved to tears. It gives hope to me that God will grant me the same kind of love and appreciation with someone that you two so clearly had for each other. Grandma is watching over you everyday, Howie. God bless you, and Merry Christmas!

Diane Warhurst

It is one of the most beautiful love stories. It reminds me of how powerful Gods love for us is. The beautiful tapestry that God is weaving for us in our lives. We need to trust in him completely and let go. Thank you for posting this beautiful story. God bless and merry christmas to you and your family

Eleanor Barnes`

My late husband, Bill and I were in Germany visiting our son and his family where I was talking on line to a mutual friend who said, "guess who just got engaged?" I replied I hope it isn't you (she had been recently divorce4d) and she said; "no, Marie Gallant did." I was speechless. I did think she was dating anyone and was really surprised. I came home a month later and our whole club attended their Celebration of Marriage. These two people were so happy and you could see the bond between them as they stood there and repeated their vows.

Howie made Marie the happiest woman in the world and Bill and I and everyone else who knew them were happy for them. Marie is still watching over Howie from wherever her star is shining All of us who are members of the Pilot Club of Ft. Lauderdale miss Marie's ever present smile and her willingness to help us whenever we couldn't figure something out to our satisfaction. I will never forget the sparkle in her eye when she spoke of Howie and how she brought this very nice gentlemen into our circle4 of friends and acquaintances. All of us should be as lucky as these two were to have shared the last twelve years together showing us that love is not only for the young. God Bless you, Howie!

Janice Carulli

This is truly a beautiful love story and so happy my Aunt found such happiness in her life. Howie we know how difficult it must be missing her warm smile and caring way. I know she is watching over you and still with you everyday.

Thank you Pastor for sharing their story and hope it inspires others. rIP Aunt Re and hugs and kisses to you Howie.

The Carulli's - Leonard, Janice Anthony and Michael

Mary Schiano

The love story between Howie and Marie is wonderful. Their love for each other was and is an inspiration for us all. I remember when Marie told me that she had been cooresponding with an old High School friend. The twinkle in her eye and the smile on her face were an indication of the joy that was to come for the two of them. Their love was certainly a gift from God, not only for them but for all of us who shared in it with them. And while we miss Marie we know that she is in heaven looking down on Howie with a twinkle in her eye and a warm smile on her beautiful face.

Fran Leonhard

Marie and my Dad had 12 happy years of marriage - they loved life, their church, their family and friends and best of all each other and it showed. We are truly blessed to have had Marie in our lives. I am thankful for knowing her and what she brought to our family and to me as a person. Marie was an easy person to like and love. Thank you Marie and Rest in Peace. Thank you Pastor Noe for sharing Marie and Howie's Love Story.

Roberto Andrade

Hello Howie:

Congratulations for wonderful love story. I have good memories of you. Howie's good sense of humor and Marie good work at Sunset, she always was taking good pictures.

God bless you my friend.

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